Monday, January 24, 2011


daydreams of contentment
fueled by blonde plywood
and meatballs.
my systematic heart soars
on brightly colored
matte plastic moulded wings.
oh to think!
it will all be organized
and as efficient as a pin.
our home will
exude European ease
everything in its place
saving Scandinavian space.

marching through the labyrinth
with the masses
digression after digression
bins of that and this
useful nicks paired
with their nacks.

couples sitting
in fake kitchens
on imaginary couches
with lists
and tiny pencils
some with raised brows
all with raised hopes.

I spy an item
that dreams couldn’t
even design.
and I am suddenly stricken
with a longing for objects
on the glorious side
of ordinary.

cabinets, shelves, tables,
and table-cabinets
and cabinet-shelves
with every last accessory
sold maddeningly separately
not available in stores you say?
did I take it off display?
no one knows where
I even found it
least of all me.

I emerge slightly deflated
from an inflation I never
even wanted.
I am bewildered
and without a bag.
and with
a cluster of new manufactured
items in my world.
and a modern pain
for the bright ideas that lit
my meandering way
through that store
and then vanished because
they were on back-order.