Thursday, October 4, 2007

Its a Potato World

How do you maintain the same enthusiasm that you had for something before you knew all about it? When something captivated you in its original mystery, when the edges of it shimmered with gold but then you pulled it out of the ground and realized that the rest of it is made out of potato and not the gold that you imagined.

How do you operate day to day among all of the pitiful pettiness, meaninglessness, obstacles and egos and remember what it is that you came for? You can never be the you that didnt know all the details again, who loved it with swelling ignorance and irrationally. Now it is real and what are you left with?

What inspires you to raise that potato up to the sky and to see a world in it?

1 comment:

  1. Good post- sometimes its hard because the man behind the curtain has been revealed.

    I try and remember when "it" still had that mystery, and take that feeling and lasso it and experience it again. And then I keep it in my pocket.