Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2 Full Years and We've Never Had a Fight

Thank you to commenter {phalanges} for noting that petri dish is 2 years old!

I didn't realize it myself. April 9, 2006 is when it all began its growth, its amazing. Same Birthday as my brother-in-law on one side and my sister-in-law on the other, its a magical date, there is no doubt.

I had a thought today about something: You know when someone has done a lot for you, like too much for you to ever be able to properly thank them for? Well, how do you balance expressing thanks and praise without it turning into you be indebted to them forever, no matter how much they decide to treat you like crap?

Its a reason to never let anyone do anything for you, really, because you dont want that indebted feeling to weigh on you. And you certainly dont want to let anyone do anything for you who has some weird control issues, or just weird issues that would give them potential to make you feel small. No, you wouldn't do that.

Some people only want to do things for others, so they have the power over them. This is totally foreign to me, because I never really do anything for anyone, but I see it all around me.


  1. One does have to be careful, because usually there is an unspoken arrangement that is being made, often without your consent. It says," I've been there for you, so you be there for me."
    As the years have gone by, I've become more careful to spend my time doing things for people I really love, with no expectations. Just for the joy of seeing them happy, easing a burden, etc.
    That's ultimately what we all want, anyway, right?
    Love in it's purest form, with no ulterior motives.
    It's still harder for me to receive though, than to give.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PETRI DISH. You have brought me many insightful, calming moments to everyday life for the past 2 years. Thank you!