Sunday, May 11, 2008


When you are so crippled by anxiety and you let it overwhelm you to the point that you completely ditch out on the lecture you have to give- tears mixing with beads of sweat- then you realize that your problem needs to be addressed. You feel sorry for yourself and people treat you with the kid gloves of pity. You are ill and a loser.

But when you are crippled by anxiety and you dont let it own you and you walk through the door and you do give your lecture. No one cares that you are battling a demon, they just judge you on your lecture: that your voice was not loud enough, or that you overstated or understated something.

Not sure what I want, but it just occurred to me the other day that once you actually do something people never assume that it was the hardest thing that you have ever done. They just know that you did it and now you join the ranks of all the others who have done it and you are judged against them.

Maybe this is my secret reason of wanting to just opt out of things, then I wont be able to be judged against others and they will never know how good (or bad) I could have been.


  1. When one of my team members makes a mistake I remind them that people who aren't working, can't make mistakes.

    Those of us who are working hard every day to meet our goals or chase our dreams make all kinds of mistakes. A mistake free life is one not fully lived.

    Turn down the volunme on your internal negativity and turn up the volume on the tiny voice that says, "I CAN!".

  2. i think that you are a soulmate of mine