Friday, July 11, 2008

Something Cool

Today I had a doctors appointment and after I emerged from my visit I decided to get gelato, in a cone. Almost every time I came back from the doctors office when I was little, my Mom and I used to stop at Carvel for a small chocolate cone with rainbow sprinkles. It always made me feel good, even if I had asthma, and it was Mom approved, which made it even better.

It was hot out today. As I walked from the counter where I got my cone, over to pay, some coffee flavored gelato dripped onto my foot. I had sandals on. It was cool and strange and landed at the highest point on my foot and then quickly swooshed down to my sandal. I was helpless. Had a cone in one hand and my money in the other, looking sufficiently kid-like and awkward in the process.

Then I walked back to the bus and enjoyed my cone thouroughy as I walked down the street. But I forgot about my foot and never wiped it off.

Then I got to work and changed into my closed toed shoes for the lab and I noticed a wet patch on my sandal. I immediately thought I had had a blister that burst or that I was bleeding brown liquid or something. I frantically touched my foot and saw a dark mark on my foot where the sandal strap had been, which must indicate that I am dying of course. But, then I remembered the gelato on my foot and I felt silly for jumping to all of those wild conclusions. And it was nice to know that it was just something cool and a little bit sticky.

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