Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Are there memories that you have of being completely humiliated as a child? Like peeing in your pants in school, humiliated? Like, the lunch you take out of your saggy brown bag is somehow the focus of a joke, then you dont want to eat it and you bat it around like a hockey puck, or a dead mouse, pretending you dont care that your dear sweet Mom took the time to make it and that you are still indeed hungry?

And when you think about those times, dont you just take a deep breath of complicated adult air and feel relieved that that intensity and style of problem probably wont happen again? Sure you have your own issues now, but you wont ever be that insecure or naive again.

Well last week it happened to me. I metaphorically peed in my pants in front of the whole class and you know what...I dont even want to blog about it. I just want to sing the song of adulthood, maybe have a glass of wine, hopefully a laugh someday and move the hell on.

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  1. When my grandmother was very close to the end of her life she told me a secret: "You can never remember the bad times in life quite as well as you do the good ones." She endured not only the small humiliations and disappointments that we all know too well, but also the devastating death of a child. I cherish this small pearl of wisdom to this day because I know it was given to me with the greatest sincerity.