Monday, April 27, 2009

remove bouche

There is a quote about women’s fashion that I cannot find, but it goes something like this. {Before you leave the house, when you are fully dressed, remove one accessory, or article of clothing}.

The idea here is to emphasize minimal elegance.

Well, I have taken this idea and applied it to emails and it seems to be serving me well.

I always write too much to the wrong people and so, right before I send the email, I remove one sentence. The one sentence that is a little too strong, a little too iffy or bold or soul bearing. There is always one.


  1. At the end of your life, you could publish a book compilation of these removed sentences that never made it to their destinations.

  2. Imagine the impact!

  3. yeah i like that idea-although maybe no one would read it-or maybe they would be so overwhelmed when they read it that they would choke or vomit from all the emotion. its an idea though. and i like it.

  4. A hell of an epitaph, that.