Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Africa: Part 1

I have been home from Africa for over a month now. Finally, I am able to tell you the good things, and there were many.

We arrived in Nairboi, Kenya in the night on July 6th. My two friends and I checked into our hotel, The Kenya Comfort. Everything felt orange and brown and creaky and crumply and slow. The night was heavy with intentions. It was like a collarless dog that you go over to pet; it could greet you with a welcome wimper, or bite your fingers off. We dropped our belongings and headed to the hotel bar. I drank my first Tusker, a huge local beer that tasted pretty damn good. The three of us sat at a high small round table with metal chairs and wicker seats. Our feet did not touch the ground. We were tired from our absurdly long journey: Newark, NJ to Brussles, Belgium stop over in Uganda and finally Nairobi. The windows of the bar were large with some old worn metal fixtures on them, I looked around and I liked it. A mosquito (or two) tested my patience. We enjoyed some exhausted light conversation. We talked about the trip ahead and made some predictions. They told me how they had first met, in Nairobi, many years ago and I could imagine it being romantic. We were the last people in the bar that evening. I could’nt believe I was really there.

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  1. Sounds wonderful Julia. I can't wait to hear parts 2,3, 4 and so on. . .