Friday, July 22, 2011

A Box for all Pizzas

I am fascinated with watching people make pizza. It’s something we take for granted because it is so ubiquitous in New York, but so are many talented pizza-makers. Seriously? tossing the dough up in the air and cradling its fall with your fists? The same fists that can punch holes in things. That is not easy. But it happens all the time, many times, at the same time, all over the city. Simultaneous pizza making is part of the daily urban hum. How many potential pizzas take a little spin in the air at the very same moment each day? I wonder.

Joe is building shallow wooden boxes for a guy who owns a pizza place. The guy’s name is, not surprisingly, Sal. The boxes will be a place for the dough to sit quietly and rise. I like this project. These boxes will bear hundreds of expanding doughy miracles, to be baked, shared and crunched.

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