Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tell Me Your Story

Well the wedding is over and everything was pretty much perfect. Its actually hard for me to fully accept that everything went so well. I am yearning for more trouble that I can sink my teeth into and analyze to a pulp.

I do understand why it is to important to carefully consider who you are inviting to your wedding. Our wedding was very intimate. The room was cozy, with candles lit all over and a small dance floor. I had the chance to speak to everyone and I knew who everyone was. There were no awkward exchanges with random cousins who I didnt know. I feel a certain closeness now with the people who were there. They saw Joe and I get married, which is very special to me obviously.

I had this goal of talking everyone as an individual at our wedding and saying something specific to each person. I didnt want to repeat the same generic thing to everyone. I wanted to ask about their dogs and babies and house plants. I wanted them to tell me about their jobs and summer vacations and how they were getting home. They came all this way for me and I wanted to hear about them. The wedding is over when it is happening, there is no longer any need to talk about the wedding at that point.

I met Joes Grandmother for the first time, which was so nice. She is very sweet.

At one point after the wedding we were sitting with Joes Grandmother and she was telling stories of her children and their children. I was tired but I looked up and her wrinkled smiling face and thought to myself, here is this woman who I dont know, who lives in Washington state who has had a long life with many experiences. All I could think of was that everyone’s story is important, even people we don’t know or who aren’t related to us by our new marriage.

There are people out there with stories dear to their hearts and I realized that I want to hear them.

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  1. I am so glad your wedding turned out to be the way you wanted to be and that you got to meet some of your new family members for the first time. That must have been really touching and special. I am sorry I could not make it or to be there to wish you guys well but you'll have to show me pictures or give me a recap of all that I missed in August!