Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Out of Bounds

One of the overarching concepts that I keep seeing is that anthropologists are constantly trying to define the boundaries of their theories. Its interesting I suppose, but quite difficult once you realize that there are hardly any boundaries that are actually written in stone, and the debate goes on.

Today I have to give a presentation in class, I am the first one to present and I have no idea what to expect from this class. I do know that me speaking in class is pushing my own boundaries of comfort and my question to you is:

Is it important to do things that are beyond your comfort zone at the time, is that how we grow? or do we have to set more rigid boundaries for ourselves, of that which we will not do, in order to function properly?

Unfortunately, I would guess it depends on the situation and one cannot apply one blanket theory to this statement.


  1. How did the presentation go?

  2. yes I think it depends on each person and how we all individually respond to pushing or reaching our boundaries.

  3. when kant said "this are the boundaries of reason", he gave a cue to fichte and hegel to say, "fuck you kant, your ostensible boundaries of reason actually just signify areas where reason is yet to go!" and they weren't fucking around. they took reason to a whole new level. and the world was changed. so, boundaries matter only so you can tell people to fuck off and cross them.