Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Talent Show

What if someone asked you to empty out all of your talents into a bucket—all of the things that you can do well and that give you a peaceful pride, even tiny things that only you know you are good at. What if every last crumb or cent of your unique skills were no longer a part of you?

And then what if someone told you that you had to pick the thing you were very worst at—the thing that you are so astonishingly bad at that by about the 4th grade you already knew it wasn’t happening—and what if someone then told you that you had to do that thing. for a living.

This is how I feel sometimes. But there was no “someone”. It was all me.

1 comment:

  1. Is this self sabotage? Some say so. Others say when we do this, we are finishing work from a past life. Or, trying to prove our worth (in this life)in a way that someone important to us will understand and appreciate. Either way, like good old Dr. Phil says, When we choose or create painful situations for ourselves, on some level, it's working for us. "How's that working for you?"