Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Little Alliteration: W

When I was in art school I wrote a little book of poems and illustrated it with typography. It was full of alliteration. Each page featured a different letter. The first spread was all words that began with the letter {W}, the second page {O}, the third {R}, fourth {D}, fifth {P}, sixth {L}, then {A} and {Y}. It spelled out {WORDPLAY}, which is all it was. Here is the first installment, this poem is called Web of Wisdom.

What does your mind wonder when
you witness words working their way?
Whether it woe or whimsy,
weaving a web of wisdom
willfully wrapping, wrapping,
wrapping your weak will into a womb
until you worship what you see written
without so much as a wince.
Will you wonder when words work their witchcraft,
or will you wane and whimper beneath the
wise world of words that whip you with their

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