Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outburst Opportunities

Opposition often occurs by obsessively observing objects,
old ways obstruct open minds
other opinions often offend orthodox oracles.
Ongoing offensive obstinate overblown omnipotence overwhelms ordinary orderly options.
On the other hand, oppression of non-objective object observations only omits obvious
inevitable ongoing outburst opportunities.

When I was in art school I wrote a little book of poems and illustrated it with typography. It was full of alliteration. Each page featured a different letter. The first spread was all words that began with the letter {W}, the second page {O}, the third {R}, fourth {D}, fifth {P}, sixth {L}, then {A} and {Y}. It spelled out {WORDPLAY}, which is all it was. Here is the second installment, its about looking at art.

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