Saturday, January 21, 2012


This is my painting

or maybe it’s a collage.

It was painted in September.

I think of it as a floating world.


36" x 48"

acrylic and pages from an old botany book, on wood



  1. I can picture this in the lobby of a modern luxury highrise building.

  2. Please describe your technique, and explain artistic philosophy!!

  3. I had no philosophy going into it, which I guess is a philosophy in itself. I will honestly say that I am continually inspired by japanese art, hence the circle. But then the other day I saw that the zen palate logo is also a painterly ring and it made me feel lame. The weird part about this painting is that I find it somewhat ugly, but I think I still like it. And I imagine that even if you dislike it, you will remember it. The End.