Monday, September 18, 2006

Miss Understanding

Had another class today, one of the very first things mentioned by our distinguished professor was that the evolution of ideas in the field of paleoanthropology is very important to take into consideration and learn, much like what I said 2 posts ago on the blog (see “Time Change.”) It was nice to hear that something I had thought was then being said by the professor, but it all leads to the same place...more things to read.

Also, I have realized that the rift between understanding something and really knowing something can be large and deep. When I go to these lectures the professors are so articulate that when they explain concepts it is like butter melting on an English Muffin. It goes down easily and makes you feel good and crunchy all over. So, I leave the class feeling okay, but then realize when someone asks me how it was that I can hardly repeat a word of it with any facility. So I understand the material, because of the great professors...but I dont know it at all. Absolutely must work on reducing this rift.

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  1. I guarantee that what these sages know is only a small fraction of what remains to be understood in the subject. Further, at least half to three-quarters of what they do know is erroneous.
    After a few years of study you too will be able to give neophytes the impression you know it all.