Saturday, September 16, 2006

Time Change

When I looked over at the field of science from my high isolated turret of design, I saw certainty in the distance. I saw facts as hard as igneous rocks and astonishingly beautiful intricate truths lit by the earth’s one faithful moon.

As I approach the second meeting of my Paleoanthpology class and sift through the piles of papers assigned I am clouded by the realization that nothing is true or static. Our first class showed that the organization of species relationships to be a controversial and ever changing structure. Now I am reading about the Geologic time scale ( Jurassic, Triassic, Precambrian etc) and am learning that there is debate there too.

“Among all the variables behind human evolution, none is more crucial than time” is the first line of Chapter 2 of my book and what could not be more true is that time is not only the framework within which our species has evolved physiologically and culturally, but time is also the crucial ingredient that forces ideas to change.

I wonder where Paleoanthropology will be in 30 years?

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