Tuesday, September 5, 2006

People Love

I love people who love people. And I dont just mean people who are social and have the ability to talk to others with ease, but people who truly and authentically appreciate the diversity of humans and delight in the simple differences of strangers.

I am lucky to have a few friends who have this amazing quality, and of course Joe does too. It nourishes me. These people see expressive character in everyone and have the gentle assumption that all people are good, yet motivated by a different god. These people are constantly dazzled by the medley of humanity and may flash a winsome smile when describing the details of another person.

There is no looking down on the man who lives out of his car or the fumbling waiter, but there is noticing his slight accent and wispy haired innocence or his whimsical bouncing gait.

I think these people lovers have it all figured out. Life never ceases to be interesting and all of the contempt that springs from misunderstanding differences of ideas or appearance is replaced with celebration.

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