Thursday, August 9, 2007

Delicious Diversions

We are back and I am just going to jump right into some blogging. (The trip was great in case you were wondering, the flight was long, the sun was strong and we relaxed wholeheartedly.)

You know when you are supposed to be doing something, like work perhaps, but then you sneak onto some website where you are looking for shoes or furniture or something? Although, this is not conducive to being a top Graduate Student, or a top anything for that matter, I am admitting that I do do this and that yes, I relish it.

I was thinking the other day about small somewhat benign things we do like this that are so alluring. I remember that some of the funniest jokes of my life have happened when I was in church, not supposed to be laughing. I dont mean this as some kind of organized rebellion against anything, or the pull of temptation seeping into anything serious. But I am imagining that with the tug of something else on your plate, it makes the detour taste so good and without the Excell spreadsheet you are ignoring, or the pages you are not reading, the notes you are not writing, these little things would not be so enjoyable.


  1. This is soooo true! While at work, I sometimes send myself links to websites that I want to look at from my home computer...but once I get home the website just isnt as exciting as I had thought.

    maybe this goes for shopping as well. When I have a gift card to spend at a store, I walk in and scour the store for something that is calling my name...nothing does. BUT- when I walk into a store with empty pockets, I want it all.

  2. Actually surfing the web while you're suppose to be working on your research is what ALL grad students do. That's the sign that you're a full-fledge grad student.