Monday, January 21, 2008


I am having that feeling again. The one that there are endless possibilities. But in a good way, not in an overwhelmed way. Maybe it is because I have started to cook and cooking is a way of testing possibilites in a low risk way, the very worst that happens is a ruined meal and a few laughs about it now or in a couple of days.

or maybe it is New York doing this to me, afterall, aside from all the horrors of the city, it has this way about it, this encouragement of all things, like a parent who lets you do anything you want- and you are free to eat candy until you are sick, wear a ridiclous outfit or make something of yourself. your choice.

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  1. I find cooking to be yet another creative outlet (that only John has to suffer through!). It is a quick fix when you feel that you can do nothing right and there is nothing better than sampling a creation that came out particularly good. Dinner never judges if it comes out wrong. It is therapeutic. By the way, tonight I am experimenting with flourless chocolate cake!