Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Daffodils are Yellow

The hiatus is over. I am back to blogging. My mind feels pensive and wondering again. I spent the last month in a daze, in a haze, I could not concentrate and was just not up to anything. But now that the time has changed and there is sun streaming in my apartment, I am back and my brain is too. Depression is an amazing transformation, and only in its absence do you realize its dreadful power to make all things turn to a grey tasteless liquid. The color has returned to everything and I know that there are interesting things out there to study, investigate and experience.

Yesterday I had a day full of classes and after class was over I went to have a drink with my colleagues. The neighborhood of my school is very close to my old office. The one I worked in for 6 years as a graphic designer. So I walked down the avenue that I had walked on almost every day for 6 years, but I was walking by the office with a group of people who could not have been more oblivious to what was around them. I pointed out the building to a friend and she noted that it looked charming, which it was-on its good days. I felt sad for a moment. I always get nostalgic for things that weren't that great, thats just how I do it.

But then I felt a wave of hopefulness and progress, one could not get more literal than actually walking by your old office and not stopping in, but just continuing on and even though I looked back, I really haven't.

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  1. It is like walking by things in your life that was once a major part of your life but now you are a different person reflecting on that time.