Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fast Creative Logic

Tonight I watched a documentary about human intelligence on the BBC. They were trying to figure out what makes up intelligence. They began with 8 people who excelled greatly at vastly different things: a physicist, an artist, a musician, a pilot etc. They were given the traditional paper IQ test and then they were given a host of other tasks that evaluated different aspects of their intelligence. One involved a wine cork all the way inside of an empty wine bottle: how do you get it out? That type of thing.

It was interesting and I think I finally have distilled down what I think intelligence is. I think it is brain plasticity. I think it is the ability that some people have, not to get stuck in intellectual dead ends, but to try other options exhaustively. I also think that speed of plasticity is involved. How fast can you think of options? You will be closer to the solution if you are faster than someone else.

All different types of tasks can be excelled at with this trait I think. It is about fast creative logic. With this you can solve crossword puzzles and find the secrets of the universe.

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  1. Oh another thing I realized that I forgot to add to this list of what I think makes up intelligence is the ability to comprehend, retain and investigate complex scenarios.