Tuesday, March 18, 2008


What is it with those people who insist on moving between cars while the subway is moving? Its like they have this itch, this urge to travel even when they are already traveling. It like the earth when it travels around the sun, it cant just travel around the sun, it has to also spin on its axis. There are a high percentage of homeless people who do this subway car roving, looking for a fresh audience for their story, or itinerant musicians. So I think there is something to this traveling bug. This unrest.

Joe and I are traveling tomorrow and I am so happy to leave the city and all that goes with it, but I always get a little sad and scared when I leave-even if its just out the door to work in the morning in fact. Like I have lost a little something or that I will miss all the dear creaks, stomps and shifts the apartment makes when I am gone. So I just dont identify with people who have wanderlust, I am the opposite, philopatric, or {home-loving} in Greek.

When I think about other parts of the world, I find it intellectually interesting but I dont have the same desire to actually go there as other people seem to. I know I will be jet lagged and the bed wont be as comfortable as my own and I wont know how to get around and I wont know how to say it the way the locals do. So I will just stay here and think about all the wonderful places out there and nod my head and say {Oh yes, I’ve heard its supposed to be beautiful there.} But we leave tomorrow.


  1. i know i definitely have the travelling bug. I don't move between subway cars, unless it is absolutely necessary but I really can't sit still and stay in one place for too long. My mind keeps reminding me that the "grass is always greener on the other side". Or at least it feels that way.

  2. Perhaps you like being home because it's safer? Traveling of any kind requires some level of self confidence and willingness to take risks.

    I am continuously amazed at the number of people I meet who live within 30 minutes of Manhattan and they've never been there! Fear has kept them from the attempt. How sad to miss out on all that is wonderful about NY because of fear they will get lost, be mugged, etc.

  3. Happy 2nd year anniversary Petri Dish!

    The people who change cars habitually (other than the homeless or musicians, who are fundraising) serve as a metaphor for all of us, and the small skirmishes we all make to assert our independence on Life's journey. Ultimately we all reach the same destination.
    I feel an odd irritation when I see them changing cars.
    Many times it doesn't seem to have anything to do with how crowded the car is. It bugs me that they do it; flagrantly breaking the rules that we've all agreed to abide by, for safety reasons. It looks immature and a little pathetic to me. Like they feel so powerless that the only way they can demonstrate power is in this juvenile way. Their own little display of anarchy. Maybe it bugs me more that I'm a little afraid to do it.