Saturday, November 7, 2009

Be Mine

He is at work right now. Its a Saturday. I am home on the couch blogging, drinking forbidden caffeine and thinking about how I should clean.

We have been together for over 10 years now. Not everyone knows that, because we have only been officially married for two. But the truth is, we have been married ever since we both uttered the words, “There’s no basement at the Alamo”, in tandem, in a dormroom in Brooklyn, so many years ago, his eyes aglint. Its a line from a movie that I will not explain further, so I can leave the people who know it, safe in their esoteric society with Simone.

I find, as we age, and life’s real or imagined difficulties spin around us, people dont like to hear good things. Maybe its just the people who I know. But its always so corny to talk about how wonderful your husband is. No one wants to hear it. Its so vomit inducing, especially for people who are single. But, I think my husband deserves an ode, and who better or where better to do it, than me on my blog. So, for those of you prone to romantically induced nausea, stop reading.

I am no fun on my own. Many of the curmudgeon genes from my Dads side are steadily expressing, except when Joe comes around. The man is so full of energy and spirit and good, that his presence makes the damn room glow. If you know him, you will know it. He never cleans or waxes about responsibility or complains, ever. Those are my jobs, I guess. I once told him that he was so immature that it was like having a son, and not a husband. He told me that if he were my son, then I was his moon. I was sunk with this romantic pun and thats pretty much how it goes around here each day. He is remarkably and infinitely compassionate and creative and funny, to the point that I dont think he is for real sometimes. But he is for real, and that is what is so enchanting. He makes everyone comfortable and puts even the most awkward people at ease. I love watching them unfurl for him, when I have known only their closed facade for years. He once gave me such sage advice about people, he said “everyone just wants to be aknowledged”, so simple and should be obvious, but to me, it wasnt. Everything Joe does, he puts his whole self into, from halloween to food shopping to doing laundry. Even this post is not really doing his complexity and intensity justice I am afraid, I could re-write this post until the 12th of never, and it still wouldnt do.

Last night, we went on a date, I ate a red velvet cupcake and Joe had banana pudding and this morning he is not here. I dont truly believe in soul mates, because its irrational to think that there is only one perfect mate out there for you. But if I did, Joe would be mine.

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  1. You know that I would be the Veep of any Joe Stricklett Fan Club so sign me up when you start it :) XOXO