Saturday, January 20, 2007

Secret Lemon Messages

You may already know about this, but I didnt. So I thought I would share a story on the off chance that you might be as amazed as I was by this.

We were eating fish and had wedges of lemon sitting on the plate. These particular lemons cost almost one dollar each, totally exorbitant, but they were worth it. They were big and very juicy and fresh and amazingly refreshing, even in winter.

Joe started talking about writing in lemon juice messages with a paintbrush. He spoke of it casually as if it were something that we both knew about.

But I didnt know.

I expressed my ignorance and without further ado, we paused dinner and he squeezed one of the juicy lemon wedges into a little cup, three pits spit out, along with some yellow, stingy juice. Then he went and got my squirrel hair paint brush. We petted it for a moment, marveled at its softness and then held a few seconds of silence for the squirrel who lost their lives for this lovely item.

On a piece of paper he wrote in lemon juice with the brush. It dried. Then he held the piece of paper over the flame of the candles that we were eating dinner by. I looked over his shoulder with anticipation and wide eyes. Nothing happened.

Then something started. As he waved the paper back and forth on top of the flame words began to emerge in a beautiful brown color exactly where the lemon juice was. It looked antique and romantic.

He wrote my name.


  1. I just loved this when I read it! (I'd never heard of it either). But it is SO VERY JOE! Sweet and innocent and smart and unique and always loving YOU! One of the things I love most about him is his little boy quality where he gets excited to show you soething so simple and beautiful (someone I'm in love with is very much the same way).

    It's moments like that that will keep you happy for all your tomorrows together.