Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Girl With the Turquoise Earring

I reached up to my blank earlobe this morning and sadness fell over me. My earring was gone. And since I had worn it to bed and at the hair salon the day before, I knew that this time, it was probably gone for good.

I am speaking about a certain pair of rectangular turquoise earrings that I have blogged about before because they have a magical power, or so I thought, that they can never ever be lost. I have come so close to losing them so many times, but then have found them again and their significance in my life has grown far beyond the initial $8 I probably paid for them about 10 years ago at my former college. (click on title for link to former post on this topic)

I had to leave to go to work, so I put on a different set of earrings and I went on my way this morning, a little less whole than I was the day before, a little more defeated. Searching for the significance of this event I thought that it probably means it is time to move on, and although it is hard, it is certainly necessary in life and one is seldom ready.

Working in the morning took my mind off of the earrings and gave me new disappointments that I had to focus on. The day was slow and steadily going downhill step by hopeless step it was slipping away from me, a Wednesday in January as dreary as it damn well pleased.

It was about 1:00 and I put on my coat to go out to face the cold and get something expensive and unsatisfying for lunch. Coat was on, ready to get my bag and I look down and what is sitting in between my two booted feet, a backless little silver and turquoise miracle.

I told a coworker all about my story and wanted to cry with happiness. I could say it was a coincidence, that it has always been, but instead I want to say that there is something special about these earrings because sometimes, on a grey Wednesday in just need something to believe in.


  1. unbelievable!

    i really thought when i started reading, that they were gone forever.

    why is it that we dont really appreciate something until it the reality hits of it being gone forever?

    I used to love the little dog that came in the monopoly game- i loved it, i took it with me everywhere, it was more than a mere game piece to me. Then one day I was playing with it on the floor of our house and it fell down the vent in our house and I was devastated.

    A few years later I was in the basement doing laundry and what did i find on the floor? That little silver scottish terrier!

  2. hi, u have a nice blog, i just found it while searching for something else but when i started reading it i really liked it, happy that u found ur earring, i have things that attach me to the past and i don't want to lose them :)