Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Something Better Beginning

This is the final draft of the last paragraph of my admissions essay, I just submitted the whole application online tonight.

So, this marks both the end of something and maybe also a beginning...

As a layperson it is tempting to view science as something that is certain, the results of research being enough information to end a conversation as an infallible statement of truth. I have learned that science does not mean the end of uncertainty or the close of an argument; it is often the beginning of both. Biological anthropology attracts me because it helps me understand the complex history of our species and by illuminating the past it can shape our future. Ironically, it reminds me that I am just a sliver of a sliver of the life in our world, but I am confident that I can make a contribution that is larger and longer than my own short and insignificant time on this earth. And I suppose that is a part of what makes us human, the awareness of our place within the greater context of the earth’s diversity and the ability to be inspired by it.


  1. Love it! I think it captures your feelings well.

  2. It is GREAT! It's a perfect ending to what I am sure is a terrific essay! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Perfect! And very well written. Good luck to you! Keep us updated.

    I've been working on a graduate school admissions essay myself; I only hope my turns out as well.