Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Magic Beans

I am nothing without you. But, my dear coffee, when I take my first sip of you on this cruel New York winter morning, I am whole again. I feel your power rush around my brain instantly, swirling and encompasing it, to soothe, to excite, to wake up and calm me down and face this world with everything that I have for it.

I have spent countless hours drinking coffee. It is sometimes even a social event. At both of my jobs in the past few years I have had a boss who is willing to stand around and not only drink coffee, but talk about it too. How we take it, what ratio makes it best in the machine, is the milk bad? how you feel when you dont have it, how you feel when you do, headaches, laughs etc. I love doing this, which is probably why it has happened in both of my places of work, because I start the conversation.

It is really such a trite thing these days, especially in New York, it is literally at every corner. Either big business beans, or small town goodness, from a cart or a truck. But it never looses its special place for me. I must have it within a certain time of waking up or the black death of headaches will set in and my day will turn into a pile of twitching mush and absolutely cannot be restored.

Yes I am addicted and I am proud. Good things keep surfacing in research about drinking coffee, I just read something yesterday that it may be a mood stabilizer, which makes perfect sense to me really.

So raise your steaming, energizing cup, and praise the beverage that gives life, stability, social engagements and clarity to so many.

Cheers my dear friends, cheers.


  1. and i learned that tea stains your teeth more than coffee.

    Vain as I am, that was enough for me to make the switch.

    although I love tea. They really are two different experiences.

  2. Coffee indeed! My daily habit of coffee, tea, and pastries can be embarassingly expenssive. . . But I simply can't give up my little coffee shop escape during the day.

  3. Coffee is great! Unfortunately, nowadays, it is not so convenient for me to go get coffee in the middle of the work day. I have walk through campus to the Student Union and rub elbows with all the undergrads just to get a cup of coffee. And after all that effort, it just isn't as good as the hole-in-the-wall place we usually go to get coffee.