Friday, June 8, 2007

Not Too Far Above

He called me at work and with his bounding enthusiasm that I cherish so dearly- he told me that someone was doing amazingly perfectly choreographed skywriting. I sat at my lab bench saying “that’s really cool.”

I miss Joe during the day and even though technically we don’t work that far away from each other, it feels like years.

He urged me to look outside my window to see. I knew that I wouldn’t see anything. But truly I have no concept of distance, especially when the sky is involved, it seems to skew and twirl distance into irrelevance.

Sure enough, I could see the writing too. I didn’t even care that it seemed to say “Bob is From Cincinnati” repeated two times, I was just so happy to know that even in our respective workplaces-that seem like different ends of the world-we could still see the same things in the sky not too far above.

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