Wednesday, June 27, 2007

La Vie en Gris

I had this thought today that was a complete one, one that I looked at from all angles that I was capabale of and could not find any discernable cracks in the logic. But it made me terribly sad to have realized what I have. It made me feel like there was nothing left to think about for me. That it was all finallly summed up.

The thought went something like this: Anything that we think is an absolute, is not. Things are so ambigious and changeable and life is one long continuium of greyness without any real black or white at the extremes.

I am drowning in a pool of greyness right now. I am overthinking things. Please offer me a black or white solution.

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  1. You are killing me this week. Why do all of my favorite Libras struggle with this?

    Yes, the world is full of grey areas but there are many absolutes. The black and white thoughts and feelings (absolutes) are totally subjective though. This makes them grey overall but not to each individual. To the individual they are very black and white.

    Try asking someone who believes in God if God exists. Try asking an atheist if there is a god. Both will be absolute but overall, there's a whole lit of grey in that discussion.

    More than death and taxes, emotions, relationships, nature can all be absolute to YOU.

    Work within your own sphere of influence and stop tumbling the thoughts in that Libra brain! What are your absolutes? Family? How Central Park smells after it rains? Laughter? Yourself?