Thursday, June 14, 2007

Soap and Minds

I hate blanket statements that are not well thought out, suffocating us all together in a fluffy comforter of made of ignorance. But I love when I think of something that I can honestly consider a blanket statement that is really accurate, it makes me feel a cohesiveness to humanity.

I thought of something like this yesterday, now it may be that I only think this is true of everyone because I am in competitive NY where everyone wants the last word. But I will be damned if I cant apply this to every person I know, including myself. Also, I am not judging. I dont consider this a bad thing, it is just a thing:

Everyone always wants to be the one in conversation who can say they know someone who did it differently. Whatever the topic may be, from flyfishing to hoola-hooping to tax returns. The purpose of this tactic is so they can open up the conversation to new perspectives and possibilities. I relish the times when their is some judgmental talk going on and then one is able to bring in an alternative way of thinking or doing something that has the ability to cut the criticism off at the knees. “Oh, thats true actually.”, “I hadnt thought that that could be the case.”, “that never occurred to me.” I keep thinking that it is the intangible equivalent of those old commercials for the dish soap Dawn; when they drip a drop of soap into a greasy pan and the greasy water swiftly moves to the edges and creates a wide clean space of non-greasy water. Ahhhhh.

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