Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Buying Love

One of the things that has been consuming me lately is my consumption of high priced goods and services. I cannot get over the materialism of it all and yet, I cannot get beyond it either. But something just occurred to me, some of the best wedding preparation moments have been shared between me and a salesperson and/or a product of some kind.

I know they were just trying to make a sale but it didn't matter, I basked in the fact that that they didn't know me, that I am just another bride and not their blasphemous daughter or friend that is letting them down or leaving them out. I felt safe because for the most part, if I wanted something, I could have it and no one was there to tell me that I was wrong or inappropriate. I wanted to hear the words “great” or “Its all set” when I made a decision about something. I wanted to hear their little opinion and then not follow it seconds later but have them smile with a graceful silken approval anyway. And I know it was empty and shallow but I liked it when the lady told me that I would be a beautiful bride.

And most of all I like it how my perfect new wedding shoes dont talk sass to me or make me uncomfortable or sad, they just sit there and act beautiful and charming waiting for the day.

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