Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Ninja Among Us

It was past my bed time on a weeknight and I was coming into Grand Central from Westchester. Joe was supposed to meet me at our usual place. He was not there. I was tired and cranky and my phone was dead. So I got on the payphone and called him. I didnt let him get a word in edgewise and told him I was going home and that I was upset with him, to put it mildly.

I got onto the shuttle to go across town and I thought to myself wouldnt it be terrible if tonight was the night I was mugged while walking to my apartment. Then he would really feel bad.

After the shuttle I ran down to the 1 train. I shuffled down the stairs quickly and then jumped down the last three stairs to get to the platform. I rushed into the car and brushed up against a construction worker who was standing in the doorway as I entered. The doors closed. I held onto the poll and was staring at a womans large enamel ring that had the words on it, in an ironic kitchy script, "I have you” or “I love you”, I couldnt tell which.

Then I saw a head peeking out from the crowd of people, but then it went back. Then it peeked out again and I saw that it was Joe. In the same subway car as me, the one that I almost missed, standing there with a smug and confident smile on his face because he just knew he would find me. And I wanted to be so mad at him, but how could I now with this amazingly serendipitous meeting punctuating my night. He is a ninja.

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