Monday, March 12, 2007

Chantiliy Chances

And in almost an instant I knew. It was everything I was. And everything I wanted to be. It whispered of the past, but spoke of the future. It walked up to tradition and curtsied at its altar, but then took its shoes off and walked out to the cool grass and kept walking steadily until darkness fell and then it stood still under the most charming lamp post bathing it in light and only-ness.

I struggled this little delicate wisp of a dress out of the packed plastic bags that hung heavy on the rack. I almost missed it, it was so fine and small it was tucked away waiting for only me to notice it.

We went to the dressing room with high hopes. I tried on about two gowns of the 10 that we picked. Then I tried this dress on and as the sales woman was fastening the back, I knew. I made a face and she said “am I hurting you?” and I had to tell her no, that my face was the oh my gosh its so cute face.

Then I moved on to another dress and then another. The sales woman walked out of the room for a moment and I turned to my friend shaking my head at the charade that was taking place. I was pretending that I still had to find my dress, when I already had.

Bought it, got a glass of champagne to celebrate, called my Mom and rode the subway home with it in hand and a satiated heart.


  1. i think u should post a pic of it.


  2. *giggle* The adorable blankety blank. Now i'm fully giggling.

  3. Congrats on finding the dress! It must be such relief to find the perfect dress.