Sunday, March 25, 2007

You’re Fired!

This week a coworker of mine was gone. I have worked with her for about 3 years. She unexpectedly ended her time working for us because of health reasons. I hope that she is okay.

We had planned a goofy going away party for her that was going to involve the six of us–2 spunky undergraduates from different worlds, 1 quiet-in-groups graduate student hopeful, 1 bubbly and talkative working graduate student, 1 scientist boss and 1 very pregnant laboratory technician–all sheepishly painting ceramics together. It was my idea, of course. Although one that I presented in jest and that was, to my surprise, accepted. I was looking forward to the scene though and was also hoping to make a card that read, “You’re Fired!” on the front and then on the inside something about going to paint ceramics.

So, no party, fine, I could do without the thick and shiny glaze of awkwardness over my Monday night anyway. But whats weird is no goodbye, no it-was-great-working-with-you hug or unexpected flushed face tear fighting, or nervously hiding the wrapping paper that I just bought at the store for the gift. I know I can write her a letter or an email or call but it just felt strange and truncated thats all.

Usually I see her Monday mornings and now I wont...ever again.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you won't be awkwardly painting mugs and bowls. I was looking forward to the pictures