Friday, December 15, 2006

My New Morning

I am up early this morning. This is rare and getting rarer as the winter progresses. I almost never regret waking up early, but I pretty much never do it.

There are many nice things about the very early morning that seem new to me today:

The cozy reassuring smell of the heat rising, the blue light outside that grows brighter in the most gradual progression that there ever was, silence, time to drink one more cup of coffee, anticipation, time to consider your clothing for more than 5 minutes, birds harmonzing, having my alarm go off after I am already awake so it does not annoy me and I patronizingly silence it and I forget about all the times that it saved me and I think, you foolish thing you, I dont need you today.

There is extra time for thinking, and blogging, and sitting and staring out the window and waiting for the day.

And I sit here with a handmade crocheted blanket wrapped around me and I think to myself, I should really do this more often, but I know I wont.

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