Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Dance of Working Hands

It is always nice when someone behind a counter at a deli or take out place is efficient. And it is not only nice because the line moves fast along and we can all promptly return to our important lives.

When someone’s hands move swiftly over coins or folding paper bags like they could do it in their sleep, it casts a spell over me. The graceful confidence in their hands is inspiring and it seems like they take pride in their work. I love watching well choreographed hands dance. It seems automatic but not insincere. They have worked a long time to get to this point and on their first wobbly day they probably longed for the breezy familiarity that they have now achieved.

I was in a deli the other day and my items were bagged and the change was whipped back at me in record time, and there was no one waiting behind me.

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