Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fiction Fridays: The Risk of Trust

“I just dont trust them and that's all there is to it dear!”

“Well then how on earth can you even think of trusting me?”

“You are different Gabrielle.”

This conversation was going in quick and intense circles of misunderstanding, so Gabrielle decided that she needed to just drop it. Anyway it was almost 11:30 and time for Mrs. Benvik to eat her lunch.

Gabrielle had worked as Mrs. Benvik’s home nurse for almost four and a half years now, they had been friends for about two. Really there wasnt much to complain about, she had a beautiful old townhouse that she lived in and although she worked astonishingly hard and there was no one there who acknowledged it, she liked the pleasant tranquility that rose tenderly around her each day as she watered the plants and made lunch.

Mrs Benvick could be as vicious as a petite growling chihuahua, but oftentimes she was perfectly quiet, poised and lovely to be around. She sat in her yellow and orange brocade chair with her hands folded, all gussied up in 30 year old garments that still fit and powdery smelling expired make-up. One got the notion that in her day she was stylish, consumed by the laws of what she considered proper ettiqute and thought of herself as both an exceptional hostess and judge of character.

Gabrielle had just turned 31 that year and had broken up with her boyfriend of 14 years. She was lonely but she had been for the last 5 years of their fizzling out relationship, so the feeling was familiar and felt only slightly more irreversible and acute than it was last year.

After some persistent nibbling of her lunch, Mrs. Benvick wanted to go to the bank. This was one of her favorite places to go. She loved to check up on her money and gracefully socialize with the employees there, and she relished being a customer who was treated well.

Gabrielle and Mrs. Benvick walked to the bank, it was just down the street and with her fragile birdlike hand being held by Gabrielle, Mrs Benvick was steady and strong. They paused at the corner and waited for the cars to go by. There was a sudden loud snap of noise and even Mrs Benvick with her compromised hearing jumped a bit when she heard it. Gabrielle’s hand let go of Mrs Benvick’s. Mrs Benvick turned to Gabrielle to comment about the noise and choked on the vision that was flowing out in front of her. Gabrielle lay in a pool of dark and gushing blood. Mrs Benvik moved her foot out of the way of the mess and began to fiercely beckon passers by for help.

to be continued next Friday...

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