Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Jean Type

The type of jeans that someone wears can reveal volumes about them that all of their other clothes keep a secret. Your jeans describe the precise longitude and latitude of your fashion prowess.

Flared at the bottom or cuffed or heaven help you pegged? Dark or light or peace be with you acid washed? Low on the waist or high? Crisp or weathered? and endless forms intermediate.

When you see someone in jeans for the first time, it illuminates their relationship with relaxation and you say to yourself, “Oh, you are one of those”.

Jeans are the great equalizer. Lets abandon all other categories of people for a moment, race, culture or class and group the world by types of jeans instead. More peace and understanding? Perhaps. More fluid inter-category mobility and a general feeling of ease, that only jean wearing can evoke? Definitely.

So next time you don a pair of your favorite blues, think to yourself...where do I fit in in this great continuum of jean morphology? and am I happy with my place?

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