Monday, August 21, 2006

The Writing On The Wall

In the bathroom of a dingy yet charming coffee shop near Columbia University there is passionate, opinionated, witty and sometimes frivolous and asinine writing all over the walls, and even some on the ceiling.

I thought that by the time you reached college you were over this kind of graffiti thing, but it seems like it is part of the culture and certainly part of the delightfulness of this place. And if one were to get over the graffiti thing then I might have missed out on the gem that stood before me last night.

Neatly scrawled in blue ink and standing alone with no responses or additions read the comforting words that we all long to hear:

“Things are

going to

be okay.


and even though also written on the wall is “Who’s Bush?” I chose to take the aformentioned quote instantly to heart.

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