Tuesday, August 1, 2006

How To Make a Snowman

Start with a dense and compact snowball and a flurry of determination. Place the snowball at your feet.

Kneel down in the cool fluff and begin rolling the snowball around, use your hands to encourage snow to stick to it as you roll it. Watch it grow from the young ball you once held in your hands to a large, confident icy boulder. Stop rolling when you see grass, this is where your Snowman will stand.

Repeat for mid-section and head, each time roll a little less. Lift pieces into place and smooth the frosty surface with your bare, shivering hands.

Add sticks for arms, and whats that you say, “no coal for eyes on hand” then push some leaves or small rocks into place for the eyes, another stick for the nose and vwalla!

Hug snowman tightly and dont let go. You will feel a rush of chilled accomplishment.

(Because it is 95+ degrees out, but who needs air-conditioning when you have imagery.)

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