Thursday, May 17, 2007

Foot Wars

When I see them sitting there, I dont just see them sitting there, I flash to hours of mild discomfort and stress, trapped in their grasp with no other options. I am out on the street walking and walking. Trying to get somewhere but sufficiently distracted by the pinching, rubbing or strain that they are causing me. I try to ignore it, because they are cute and I dont want to have to give up on them. I see everyone else around me floating merrily along, looking far more stylish and well adjusted than I. How DO they DO it?

Pair after pair I always think I have found the holy grail, then a few solid hours slapping onto pavement and they show their true colors. Cheap ones just never cut it. No support, bad design. But I try them again and again reaching and scratching towards some kind of eternal shoe that will love me as much as I love it. I have yet to find it.


  1. maybe it's important to reach a point where your love for your feet overtakes your love for the shoes. it is a point that i eventually reach, but only after i am blistered, sore, bruised, and bleeding. this type of relationship seems like it's applicable to other situations as well. is it about the everlasting pull between sagaciousness and superficiality?

  2. -SIGH- This was my day today. Fabulous brand new pointy toed red pumps=not so fabulous painful red feet. ;-(

    I received five compliments on them before I hobbled home and kicked them off as I walked across the cool grass on my way to my front door. ;-)