Friday, May 4, 2007

Teeth and Weirdness

My mind is a blank this morning. I had a long dentist appointment yesterday and I cant decide if I really like my dentist, or if he is crazy. Which is slightly upsetting I must say, since he is poking around in my mouth and drilling and whatnot.

We had a long conversation about bruxism, or grinding your teeth, and he asked if I knew if any other primates did it. I didnt know. His theory is that it is not stress related, but what is the reason we do it then? Is there some kind of evolutionary reason? I posited the idea that maybe there is something we like about teeth that look filed down. Dont people get their teeth filed for cosmetic reasons? He sort of flew off the handle that I would suggest that reason. Then I felt weird.

Then he started talking about hypnosis and I started getting a little worried.

Also, dont dentists know that you CANT HEAR them when they are talking and drilling in your mouth at the same time and more importantly, YOU CANT TALK when your mouth is open and you have that drool sucker thing hooked to your lip and hands and picks and drills in there. Why do they always ask you questions when you are in that position?

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