Monday, May 14, 2007


“Oh, Abigail, have you met Ethan?” I have been in more situations lately where I have introduced two people to one another. In doing this I have realized a few things that I never knew before:

1) There is a strange power that you have when you introduce two people to one another. I cannot explain it beyond the fact it shows that you are listening to peoples names and interests and everyone appreciates that.

2) People would rather be introduced than introduce themselves I think. Being the one who introduces is an excellent way to become an integral participating member of the socializing group.

3) An extra bonus is to then say a few words about the person who you are introducing, “Ethan has been working in Kenya for several years now.”

4) It truly eases the group dynamic as swiftly and effectively as a good joke sweeps you off your feet and sends you laughing.

(Sorry for the posting delay last week...things have been busy.)

1 comment:

  1. I always admire the people who can introduce themselves to another person without any prompting or pre-introduction. I am definetly not one of those people. I need a person to introduce me to someone else.