Monday, October 2, 2006

Collectively Good

The other day I was in a card store and I could not find a suitable card for the sentiment I felt. I had exhausted all the possibilities on the rack I was looking at. So I walked around and saw another rack of cards that looked perfect, inviting and fun in the distance. Ooooo Here is where I will find what I need, I thought.

But then when I get to the rack and start looking at the designs on the individual cards, I cant seem to find one that I like all that much. I realized that it is the collection of cards that I like, but one card cannot stand alone.

Knowing that I couldn't take the whole rack with me and give it to someone, I moved on with my new idea in my pocket, but nothing else.

There are other things that work by this same phenomenon, collectively beautiful or interesting, but when taken alone they lose something.

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