Monday, October 16, 2006

Pulling the Plug

I dont own a TV. This causes an astounding amount of prematurely aborted conversations.

Someone will say, “You know that commercial...?”, “Did you see that episode...?”, “No I havent seen it, sorry”. Then usually with surprise and emphasis “YOU have NEVER seen it?”, “I dont have a TV.”

Confusion and sadness usually follows, on rare occasions praise.

Sometimes when appropriate and feasible I just nod and let the person pass gradually into the technicolor land of enthusiastically rehashing television things. They want to go there anyway, so who am I to disappoint them with my ignorance.

Television shows are like friends who force themselves on you and even if you dont like them all that much and you know parts of them are lame, you make them part of your life anyway. They steadily suck time away from dishes, plants and books and other three-dimensional things that have the ability to love you back.

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