Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Glass of Wine is Half Full

We bought a bottle of wine last night at a new wine store that just opened up. I actually didnt go in the store because I was on the cell phone at the time and standing outside waiting for Joe. I peeked in and saw him deep in lively conversation with the man at the wine store, they were nodding and chuckling.

When we finally opened the wine that the man had suggested, we took one sip and...

Joe picked up the phone and called the man at the wine store. He started out in a stern tone, “Hi I just bought a bottle of wine from you, (then he softened up) it is terrific, thank you so much for suggesting it and I will recommend your store to everyone I know.” The man responded with effusive thank yous and all was well with the world.

I imagine that that man went home and told his wife or partner or dog or all of them about Joe’s call.


  1. You should include the identity of the wine.

  2. The name on the bottle is Crios de Susana Balbo. The label is a grey blue color with a drawing of a hand on it. It is from Argentina and is a Mendoza.

    The wine store is called Hunters Point Wines and Spirits in Long Island City.

  3. Although it seems that their website is not up yet.

  4. I have had that wine! Its great. It feels so good to make someone happy.