Saturday, April 22, 2006

brush off the flakes

my fiance and i were having a conversation about a friend who we love, but who always breaks plans and who never calls. I know "i bet you think this blog is about you, dont you dont you" well it isn't. This person is not internet savvy and will never find this blog. why we even have a friend who is not internet savvy is another story.

Joe made a statement that is so perfect and it may already be obvious to you, but I thought it needed to be solidified with words:

Flaky is a euphemism for inconsiderate.

People get off too easy being called flaky or 'flaking out" on a situation. few people are that "out to lunch" that they dont know who they are blowing off.

It may be that they are not addressing the situation because they have too much anxiety about it. But either way, anxiety or total disregard, both empty into the same river of baloney.

DISCLAIMER: we have all been flaky at some point, that is why we have a pretty good idea what lurks behind this ignorant mask.

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