Saturday, April 22, 2006

death of a saleswoman

After I left my graphic design job that I had for 5 years I was initially very sad. The people at east *** east **nd Street had served as my surrogate disfunctional family, I loved and hated them with equal fervor.

But as the weeks have passed I have realized that I am so immensely happy that there is no stress in my life caused by clients. There is no trying to convince anyone that your bullshit design is truth. No one calling in to speed things up.

I have always found the relationship with clients an extremely uncomfortable one. You are have to be so syrupy sweet, which I am not, you have to make things sound better than they are. You have to polish a turd and present it on a platter and hope they dont smell it. It seems like deception, especially if you dont believe in your product.

I am a bad liar and I consider that a good quality.

I am so happy that most of my troubles these days are caused by a bad lysis buffer or a mysterious contamination of pcr. I never have to talk to the buffer and act like everything is great...I just throw it out.

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  1. I recognize that address!
    You will hear from my lawyers shortly.
    I have a pretty good idea who you really are and I won't let you get away with this slander.
    I haven't had time to go over all your posts but I assure you they will be examined closely.
    And don't think you can escape into the world of science. We know where to find you!