Tuesday, April 18, 2006

sequence of events

So last week I set up about 40 samples and sent them out for DNA sequencing and they all came back looking like crap so my mind started racing in the afternoon and continued right into the night: what could it be, what did i do , how could i have screwed all of these up so badly? it must be the primers, i must have screwed up the dilution and it is probably because i am so chronically bad at math.

Then we found out they were going to be re-run by the sequencing facility, great I thought. Then we prematurely downloaded what we thought were the sequences re-run and they looked just as bad as the first time! ahhhh. I was convinced that today I would walk in and throw out all of those god awful primers that i screwed up so royally on.

Then when I got in this morning we realized that we had not downloaded the newly re-run sequences, but re-downloaded the ones from the first time. And these real 2nd time sequences looked so much better and my whole day did a 180 and things were instantly great.

It is so amazing and scary how much my emotional status hinges on this: agctagctcgatagctagctagatcgatatcgattttagcggggatcgactagc

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